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Quick Start

Launching Flow #

AuroraFS has been packaged, you can follow the process below to start the node.

Download Aurora #

Obtain the aurora startup file at the following address and execute it under the ubuntu system.

linux-1 linux-2 linux-3

Untar the tar package #

After you untar the tar package, you will find there is a directory named "aurora" which contains three files:

  • aurora
  • aurora.yaml

Make sure that they are kept in the same directory.

Launch #

Execute the following commands to start the node normally.


After the initialization is completed, the corresponding address account will be generated and a password will be set. Please keep your password properly.

Check Aurora #

After the node is started, you can check whether there is a process in the system to determine whether the node is started successfully.

																																																curl http://localhost:1635/health